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Blitz Marketing Group develops and implements domestic and international sales and marketing plans, strategies, and programs for clients looking to achieve exposure, market share, and dominance in wide-ranging markets for growth, funding and acquisition. 

Sales enablement and integrated marketing is a term that's used a bit loosely these days. Our approach is to tightly integrate sales and marketing to drive sales revenue, productivity and overall performance. At Blitz, we define it as the ability to devise a unified comprehensive strategy, marry traditional and digital marketing, generate leads, increase conversion, deliver globally and measure results. But Maybe that's just us. 

With 3 decades of marketing experience, our mission is to simply help clients be successful. 

Our Roots

It all started at Comdex, it was circa 1987 and abundantly clear that I was smack-dab staring into the face of the technology boom. Comdex was a celebration of the personal computer, and emerging technologies. 250,000 geeks, more than 10,000 product introductions and business giants like Microsoft, Intel, IBM and Hewlett Packard owned the show. Startups and early growth stage companies fought for media attention, and the lucky received coverage. Guerrilla Marketing was more than just a book or a buzzword to these small businesses, it was a "how to get noticed at Comdex" manual.

I was mesmerized by the excitement surrounding Comdex, and the rapid advancements in technology, yet concerned for the survival of startups amidst the giants. Then an aha moment... What if I consulted with these growing companies on marketing, product development, and operations to help them launch their products and grow their businesses... Enter in Blitz Marketing Group. Over the years we have become subject matter experts in many areas of marketing focused on helping businesses of all sizes in the technology, health and wellness industries. 


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